Do Dogs Need Hiking Boots? Safety Advice

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Do dogs need hiking boot?

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Do dogs need boots for hiking?

While this is not necessary all the time, it's important to consider bringing your pup's boots for hiking if they are around water or in sand/snow. These types of terrain tend to have sharp rocks, debris, and other annoyances that could irritate their feet.

Keep in mind that dogs can get through almost any obstacle if they are determined. But, the goal is to keep your pup's paws in good health so that they can continue to enjoy their time outdoors.

Not wearing shoes or booties while hiking can lead to indentations, cuts, and other types of damage that occur when they step on rocks, pebbles, twigs, etc.

What are the benefits of hiking boots for your dog?

Hiking with dogs

1. Dirt.
Dogs can get dirty and muddy when they run around outside, but you cannot bathe them too often because it would damage their skin.

You do not have to worry about dirt or mud ruining your pet's paws after just one walk through the woods with dog boots.

2. Bugs. Those with dogs know that their furry friends tend to attract many types of bugs. If your dog is running through tall grass or brush, they could easily get a tick or a nasty mosquito bite on one of their paws.

3. Rocks. Do you have a rocky path in your neighborhood? Maybe there are some sharp rocks on your morning walk route, and you know how much your pup likes to run in that area.

You want to protect his paws from being cut or getting a thorn stuck in between their pads.

4. Puddles. Just like bugs, dogs often love playing in puddles and get their feet wet every time it rains.

When you should consider bringing boots for your dog

Dog wearing boots in snow

There are many reasons why you should consider buying boots for your dog. If any of the following sounds familiar, it might be time to put some protection on their paws.

  • Your dog plays outside often and constantly walks over dirty things like mud or dirt.
  • It's the middle of tick season so that many bugs could bite or attach to their paws.
  • You live in an area with many rocks that could potentially hurt their feet.
  • There are large puddles of water on your walks that your dog always loves to splash around in.

What type of boots do dogs need for hiking?

Types of hiking boots for dogs

There are many types of boots for dogs, and you will need to consider a few things before making a final decision.

  The first thing you should think about is how much traction your dog's boots need to have. It may be helpful to test out one pair on a slippery surface just so that you can tell what your dog will be feeling as they walk around in the boots.

  The next thing you need to think about is the climate. If you live in a colder area, you will want to buy boots that are made to keep your dog's feet warm. However, if you live in a warmer climate, you'll want to buy boots that are made to keep their feet cool.

  Some boots come with a built-in gaiter, which is a piece of fabric that goes all the way around your dog's leg and prevents any debris from getting inside their boots. This can be really helpful if you are planning on taking your dog hiking in an area with a lot of sticks, rocks, or other sharp objects.

  Finally, some boots come with a water-resistant coating so that your dog's feet will stay dry even if they walk through a puddle or two.

How to choose the right fit and size for your pup's paws

The best way to make sure you are buying the correct size of boots for your dog is to measure their paw width and length.

It would be best if you also considered whether or not your dog is likely to chew their boots off, so you would want to buy a pair that has an adjustable velcro strap on the back of the boot.

If your pup usually chews things like his leash or toys, then it might be best to get a tough rubber type of boot instead of fabric ones.

How much do they cost and where can you buy them?

A variety of dog boots are available online and in stores, and they typically cost around $10 - $30 per pair.

Here are a few popular options:

QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots:

QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots

QUMY dog boots are a must-have for dogs that like to run around in the rain or snow. They are made of high-quality materials that can keep their feet dry and warm.

The reflective strips on these dog boots help them to be seen by cars at night time so you won't have to worry about your pet getting into accidents.

Bark Brite Paw Protector:

Bark Brite Paw Protector

Dog Tested and Dog Approved, the neoprene dog booties are the perfect solution for keeping your pet’s paws warm, dry, and protected in all kinds of weather.

Made from lightweight, breathable neoprene that is both durable and comfortable for dogs to wear. Comes with 2 reflective straps so you can easily see your pooch at night!

TEOZZO Dog Shoes:

TEOZZO Dog Shoes

TEOZZO Dog Shoes are the best winter shoes for your dog. They will keep your dog warm and comfortable in all kinds of weather.

The thick sole protects your dog's paws from snow, ice, and cold, while the adjustable drawstring keeps them secure. And they're reflective so you can see them at night!

XSY&G Dog Booties:

XSY&G Dog Booties

XSY&G Dog Boots are made of high-quality and breathable materials. They are comfortable, safe, and adjustable to fit your dog's paws. They can protect dogs from water and mud on rainy days.

With the waterproof design, it is very easy for you to clean the boots after using them. The soft material will not hurt your dog's paws so that they can wear the boots all day long without any discomfort.

How to put boots on your dog's paws

Dog wearing hiking shoe

There is no one perfect way to put boots on your dog's paws - it may take a little bit of experimentation to see what works best for your pup.

Most people find it easiest to slip their pups' boots on while their paws are standing up. If you do this, you will want to put the boot on the back of your dog's paw first, then bring it around to their front so that it can be velcroed in place.

Some dogs may prefer if you try to put the boot on while their paw is resting on the ground. If this is the case, you will need to be a little more patient when putting them on, as it can be a little more difficult to get them to stay in a place that way.

Whichever way you choose to do it, always make sure that you are gentle with your pup's paws and that you take the time to double-check that the boots are secure before you head out on your next hike.


Hiking with dogs

In conclusion, dog boots are a great way to protect your pup's paws from the elements, but it is important to make sure that you find the right pair of boots and use them correctly to achieve the best results.

Stay safe and have fun on your next hike with your furry friend!

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