Is A Peanut Butter Sandwich Good For Hiking?

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One of the most important aspects of a successful hike is packing the right food.

Not all foods are good for hiking, and some can actually leave you feeling tired and lethargic. On the other hand, Peanut butter is a great and delicious source of energy for hiking.

Before we get into it, we should first explain why we need food during hikes. When you hike, your body uses up glycogen.

To replenish that glycogen supply, your body needs carbohydrates from foods like bread or pasta. Your body can also break down protein from foods like meat, cheese, or peanut butter to get its energy.

peanut butter sandwich

For these reasons, peanut butter is the perfect food to take on a hike. It provides both protein and carbohydrates, as well as other benefits.

Every protein and carbohydrate we eat has its own Glycemic Index (GI). The GI tells us how quickly each type of food affects our blood sugar level. Protein and fats are low-GI foods that help keep your blood sugar levels stable for more extended periods.

Generally speaking, foods like white bread and potatoes have a high glycemic index, meaning they can cause your blood sugar to spike. Peanut butter is rich in fat, so it's considered low GI food.

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What is a peanut butter sandwich?

Peanut butter sandwiches are typically made using two slices of bread, peanut butter, and sometimes jelly.

A peanut butter sandwich is just that - bread with peanut butter in between. It's often served as a snack or light meal, but it can also come in handy if you need some extra energy on your hike.

peanut butter sandwich with jelly

Peanut butter sandwiches provide plenty of fuel for a hike, with the carbohydrates from the bread and the protein from the peanut butter.

They're great for hiking because they're simple and easy to make. You can pack one in your backpack and eat it anytime you want without feeling full or weighed down.

You can also get creative with your sandwiches if you need more than one snack. Adding cheese or vegetables to your sandwich adds extra carbs and energy to your hike.

How is a peanut butter sandwich good for hiking?

Peanut butter sandwiches are great for hiking because they provide the energy that you need during exercise. The carbs in the bread give your body the energy it needs to keep hiking, while the protein and fats keep your blood sugar steady so you don't crash.

The best part about peanut butter is how easy it is to eat on a hike. It's a simple way to provide yourself with energy while doing something that requires effort.

When is the best time to eat a peanut butter sandwich?

Eating a peanut butter sandwich at any time of day is beneficial, but it's best to eat it before or during your hike.

If you eat one before hiking, it can provide you with steady energy while walking. You'll want this if the hike is long and strenuous.

The longer you're walking, the more glycogen your muscles burn. Replenishing that glycogen is important, or else you'll start to feel tired and sluggish after a while.

That's why it's best to eat this sandwich before your hike to be prepared with all the energy you'll need during your journey.

If you're already on the trail when hunger strikes, don't worry, you don't have to turn back! Eating a peanut butter sandwich while hiking isn't impossible, but it might get messy.

If you eat one during your hike, make sure to pack napkins or wet wipes for clean-up afterward. You can also find someplace secluded and off the trail to sit and enjoy your sandwich.

peanut butter sandwich

Benefits of eating a peanut butter sandwich on a hike

All the energy you gain from eating a peanut butter sandwich on your hike won't just help get you to the end of the trail. It can also be beneficial for what comes after you're done hiking!

Once you reach the trail end, it's time to celebrate! You can eat a peanut butter sandwich for that too.

This high-energy snack will help you replenish the glycogen your muscles have lost. Even better about this is that you'll be less likely to crash after eating it since peanuts are considered low GI food.

There are all sorts of ways you can eat a peanut butter sandwich on your hike, and some of them are healthier than others. Limit or avoid jelly, for example. It's full of sugar that can cause blood sugar levels to spike.

Instead of jelly, spread some almond butter on the bread if you want a sweeter taste without all the extra sugar. Try one new thing on your next hike and see how much energy a peanut butter sandwich can give you!

Are there any downsides to eating a peanut butter sandwich?

The one downside to eating a peanut butter sandwich on a hike is the mess. Peanut butter doesn't spread as well as many other foods, so getting it all over yourself can be annoying.

Always bring napkins or wet wipes with you on your hikes so you can clean up after yourself. You never know when you might get messy!

How to make a peanut butter sandwich?

Making a sandwich with peanut butter is easy. All you need to do is spread some peanut butter on a slice of bread and then place another slice on top. You can make your sandwich as fancy or as simple as you want – the world's your oyster!

Variations of the peanut butter sandwich:

    celery sticks with peanut butter in a plate
  • One variation of the peanut butter sandwich is not using bread at all. If you want your sandwich to be gluten-free, try putting it on top of or inside some fruit slices. You can also put it inside celery sticks if you're craving something crunchy with your peanut butter!
  • peanut butter sandwich with banana slice
  • Another variation is to slice up half of a banana and put the slices inside your sandwich. This is a great way to use up any bananas that might be starting to turn brown.

There are also many variations of peanut butter sandwiches; you can refer to this article to get some ideas for your next hike.

What else can you take with you on your hike for sustenance?

Don't limit yourself to just a peanut butter sandwich on your hike! There are multiple snacks that will give you the energy you need, and some of them don't even require any preparation.

If you enjoy trail mix, leave out the chocolate chips from this recipe for an energy-packed snack with all the benefits of nuts. Nuts contain healthy fats that your body needs to function at full capacity.

If you're looking for something spicy, take some pepperoni with you on the hike. The kick in this snack will give you an extra energy boost when you need it. You'll also keep yourself hydrated between water breaks by eating something salty.

How to pack a peanut butter sandwich for your hike?

If you want to pack a peanut butter sandwich, make sure it's as tightly packed as possible. This will help the bread stay together and prevent it from turning into mush when all that moisture from the peanut butter starts seeping out.

Pack your bread separately if you're not going to eat it immediately after packing up for your hike. Putting the bread in your backpack will cause it to get crushed, and no one wants that!

Don't forget to bring something for a dessert or snack at the end of your hike. Pack some chocolate chips to sprinkle on top of your meal if you're craving something sweet.

Peanut butter related facts and trivia

peanuts and peanut butter
  • Peanut butter was first introduced to the market in 1904. It's now one of the world's most popular spreads for bread!

  • Peanut butter is considered a complete protein, which means it contains all the amino acids you need. These are important because they play a role in everything from your immune system to muscle recovery.
  • You might not believe this after tasting peanut butter if you've never tried it before, but peanuts and peanut butter contain monounsaturated fats – the same ones found in olive oil. These fats help lower bad cholesterol and decrease your risk of heart disease.

  • Peanuts grow underground, so these nuts aren't actually nuts at all! They're technically legumes, which is why peanut allergies can be dangerous if you eat peanuts without knowing you're allergic to them.


A peanut butter sandwich is a great choice for hikers because it contains the energy and nutrients you need to keep going all day long.

The fats will help fuel your hike, and the carbs will prevent your blood sugar from plummeting when you inevitably run out of glycogen stores.

Pack your bread separately from the rest of the sandwich to stay fresher for longer. Don't forget to bring a dessert or snack at the end of your hike! You deserve it after all you've accomplished.

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