About Us

Welcome to Era Corner! It may be a new era for all of us, but it sure feels great.

Era Corner is basically a blog, but it contains more than just that.

The corner of hobbies is a big project we are taking care of, which has turned into one of the biggest challenges our team has ever taken.

There's always time for creativity no matter how busy life gets - that's what we believe here! At Era Corner, you will find the appropriate section for your post as long as it relates to a hobby.

Our mission is to find the right corner for your creativity based on what you adore and love doing. We never know where you will end up when it comes to hobbies, but we are more than willing to guide you in this process. A lot of inspiration can be found here as well, so don't hesitate to get involved!

As far as the last section goes, it's just for fun! It's all about getting to know each other and appreciating one another. This is also where you will find our featured members. We want to introduce everyone because we are passionate about supporting each other.

Writing can sometimes feel lonely, so support is vital for this reason. Working together throughout these different sections makes us a stronger team - which results in better content overall!